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UK Parliament

What are governments for?

Don’t know about you but I have often asked the question, “What is government for…”? Because of the way it behaves, performs and the things it does it appears, they don’t know either. But, if they do, and choose not

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The Politics of Populism

16 Steps of Populist Politics!

If you’ve not noticed the rise in ‘populist’ politics across the world then you must have been hibernating for more than a few years and can’t lay blame on the pandemic for missing its rise! The following has been reproduced

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Sheku Bayoh - Death In Police Custody

Sheku Bayoh – BBC Scotland Disclosure

The death of Sheku Bayoh following his arrest in Fife three years ago remains one of the most controversial moments in Police Scotland’s short history. Update! How Long Does it Need to take? It’s been 4+ years since the death

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Pandemic Impact

New Way Of Looking And Doing Things!

We Need A New Way Of Looking And Doing Things! This morning in The Guardian in an article “This pandemic has exposed the uselessness of orthodox economics” by Jonathan Aldred he said, “Even before the pandemic came along, the world

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Cecil Rhodes

Racist Statues – Pull Them Down!

George Floyd – #BlackLivesMatter The recent obscene murder of George Floyd has sparked rightful anger, indignation and calls for much-needed reform! Reform not only in America but throughout most of western Europe. We in Europe and the UK are in

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